Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Creative Money making in the Crypto World

Money making is not a big deal in today’s world. You might as well disagree with the opinion but the fact is that money can be made through various means. The scams that we hear of reflect how people try different tricks and techniques for making money in today’s world. However, if you want to make money using the right means, being creative in what you do is the foremost thing. You can try making money in the crypto world by being world! And it probably has the world to offer:
You can acquire cryptocurreny for free:
Yes you heard it right. You can get the digital currencies for free. It is not a way of becoming rich, but it is certainly a great way of getting acquisition of Bitcoins for free. You can get free crypto by participating in airdrops. You provide a crypto address and an email and the concerned people would send you the coins for free. Although you won’t be able to encash the money, you will the tokens that you have just got will certainly gain some value in the long run which could be used for several purposes.  
Dividend Tokens
Dividend tokens are much similar to dividend bearing stocks that pay a portion of company’s profits to shareholders on a regular basis. They offer the same benefits like holding. Holding the dividend token would ensure that you get paid after every period. It proffers benefits in the long runs as you don’t need to fret upon the rise and fall in the price of the cryptocurrencies. You can consider selling it when you want to expand to other token with better prospects.
So you will decide the kind of token you wish to invest in, pro’s will be doing the day trading (SIFT, Spectre-D) and ICO hopping (TaaS, Astro ) and mining for you.

3 apps for trading cryptocurrencies on the move

Just like Forex, which is used for trading the fiat currencies, Crypto exchange platforms are meant for the trading of the digital currencies. It refers to the trading when a virtual currency is exchanged for another virtual currency a determined price. Trading can be done for acquiring specific altcoins or for making money on the margin by buying and selling the digital currencies.

This exchange of the cryptocurrencies can be carried out using exchange websites, desktop applications and mobile apps. Here’s a compiled list of 3 apps that offer trading of cryptocurrencies on the move:

Tab Trader

It is a free trading terminal for crypto exchange like Coinbase, Bitstamp, Gemini, Binance and several other crypto exchanges. Founded in 2015, it today boasts of more than 400,000 users in more than 178 countries where traders can trade using limit order, stop-loss, take profit and settle position functions over a variety of crypto exchanges.


Binance was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao and it is the fastest growing cryptocurrency trading exchanges in the world. Users prefer using the Binance because it is fully functional mobile app for iOS and Android operating systems.
It facilitates the trading of ETH, WTC, GAS, NEO, IOTA, BTC etc. For using the Binance app, you first need to create an account on Binance and after getting your registration done you can easily download their iOS app or Android app and start trading the cryptocurrencies at a go.

When it comes to volume of BTC/USD pair, Bitfinex is world’s No 1 exchange app. However, due to legal reasons they recently shut down their operations for US customers. It still operates in a few countries and some of the popular digital currencies facilitated by Bitfinex are Ripple, Bitcoins, Monero, Ethereum< ZEC, NEO etc. It supports Android and iOS and it is quick the liquidation.

Monday, 24 September 2018

All you need to know about Ethereum

If you have ever heard of cryptocurrencies, chances are high that you must also have heard of Bitcoins. Bitcoins, the first ever decentralized applications to function as a medium of exchange clearly dominates the crypto market but there is a lot more that the highly-volatile, yet a promising crypto market offer, and Ethereum is one of it.
Simply speaking, Ethereum is an open software platform based on blockchain technology which enables the developers for building and deploying decentralized apps.
It has grown tremendously since its inception and it is currently the second-biggest by market capitalization value.

What led to the inception of Ethereum?
In 2013, the idea of Ethereum was proposed by Vitalik who came up with an idea of building the entire Ethereum system which would be supported by a global system of nodes. (He called the volunteers who download the entire Ethereum’s blockchain in ther desktops and enforce the rules of the system by keeping the network honest and receiving rewards in return).He then presented his idea in a white paper and  announced the project in 2014. A few months later the team which comprised of members Vitalik Buterin, Anthony Di Iorio, Mihai Alisie, Charles Hoskinson, Joe Lubin and Gavin Wood decided to hold a crowd sale of ICOs for funding the development and it turned out to be a huge success.
Is it similar to Bitcoins?
Ethereum raised around $6 billion during the launch of its ICO and emerged as one of the global leaders in the cryptomarket. Just like Bitcoin, it is also a distributed public blockchain network. But, they differ completely in their purpose and capability. The Bitcoin blockchain tracks ownership of virtual currencies, whereas the Ethereum blockchain emphasizes on running the programming code of a decentralized app. In Bitcoin blockchain, the miner mines Bitcoin, whereas in Ethereum blockchain, the miner mines ether, a crypto token which is used to fuel the network.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

How cryptocurrency prices work?

The cryptomarket is characterized by high volatile nature of the cryptocurrencies. The swrils and sways of the virtual world might give you a ‘pinch-me’ feeling at one moment while it can also send chills down your spine at the other.
When it was first launched, it did not have any official price at all as it was being sold in dollars. When the first exchanges started to take place, gradually a price for it also got decided. It started at 6 cents and reached around $22 in 2011. The Bitcoin then took off and climbed rapidly over $140 in 2013, it was clear from the trend that the investors had started to take interest in it.
However, for understanding the mechanism of functioning of the cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to know how the price of cryptocurrencies works.

Numerous Factors regulate the ups and downs of the cryptomarkets
It is different from the fiat currencies as the price of the cryptocurrencies is not set by the central government thus most of the regions do not accept them as a legal tender. The prices of the Bitcoins, thus is not decided by a single factor but numerous factors. It is traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges, all of which have different average prices. Indexes gather the prices on several crypto exchange platforms and use the average of it to determine the price. But the index sites do not function as an exchange platform, if you wish to buy or sell a Bitcoin, you will have to choose one exchange platform which possesses its own average price. Liquidity is another factor which contributes to the ups and downs in the price of the cryptocurrencies. Apart from these, the government policies also contribute to the fluctuations of the cryptomarket.
Some sites also offer the complete information about the trading rates of the cryptocurrencies, thus one can check the price of the virtual currencies from there as well.

Friday, 21 September 2018

What is Cryptocurrency mining?

The Cryptocurrencies or the digital currencies were introduced to provide the world an alternate mode of transaction. It was designed to work as a medium for facilitating transaction, when the first ever decentralized cryptocurrency got released in early 2009, it sent ripples across the world. It raised several questions which also led to several inceptions. One of the concepts which is integral to understanding about the cryptocurrencies is the cryptocurrrency mining and understanding how does it work.

The term mining refers to the process through which the Bitcoins or Alt coins are generated. Since, there is no central authority that issues the Bitcoins, they are created through cryptomining.

How does cryptocurrency mining work?

Cryptocurrency mining consists of two major functions, i.e. adding transactions to the blockchain (verifying and securing) and releasing a new currency. The process needs a computer and a particular software which aids the miners to stay ahead of their peers and solve mathematical equations. In regular intervals, a miner attempts to solve a block having the data required for transaction using cryptographic hash functions. A numeric value called the Hash value is of fixed length and it uniquely identifies data. Miners try to make the best use of computer to zero in on a hash value less than the target and the one who cracks the code first gets a reward. The reward for mining a block is roughly limited to 12.5 Bitcoins as of now.

With the growing popularity of the cryptocurrencies, mining has emerged as a lucrative business which is capable of generating good revenues. Earlier, people could mine their own cryptocurrency using standard PC, but now the quality and the quantity of the hardware has effectively increased in line with the number of people mining.

However, since the amount of electricity needed for cryptocurrency mining is massive, the industry has begun looking for alternate solutions for facilitating mining.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

ICO Token: How to invest them?

The bandwagon of ICOs has created a ripple and garnered attention of people across the world. People are eager to get on board and try investing in the ICO tokens.
Distinct from digital coins or cryptocurrencies, these digital tokens are emerging as one of the fastest growing trend for fund raising where the investor buys an ICO being offered by the entrepreneur for investing in his business and pays him in Bitcoins or other virtual currencies.

The company first of all create a digital token that are pre-defined by the issuing company which takes into account the amount, terms and conditions and value. It will serve as the smart notary for the future transactions, so one must make sure that all the criterias are fulfilled.
After this, the token is acquired by the investor who will use the ICOs for dealing in what has been promised by the issuing company.  It can then be used for transactions which is supported by the platform that issued the token.
There are different types of ICOs such as Utility tokens, Stock tokens, Credit tokens and Token combos which are available that are  offered by the issuing company. Thus the investor can check and see which kind of token suits him the most.
However, before investing in the ICOs, it is necessary to evaluate every possible aspect of a campaign and decide if it a win-win deal or a risky one.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Why investing in ICO can be profitable?

The conventional methods of taking a business to next level are the dust-laden pages of history. Now, the ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) have come up with an unorthodox approach to offer a new mode of investment to the investors.  It is a new way of creating capital through cryptocurrencies. Companies create additional token and they sell it to the investors in exchange of Bitcoins.
‘Cryptocurrencies’, a relatively new term, which was unheard of a decade ago, has been hogging headlines for quite some time now. For one reason or the other, Cryptocurrencies are ‘Talk of the Town’ most of the time.

The Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple are some of the digital currencies which have captured a major portion of the crypto market. Studies suggest that $6.6 million was raised selling a total of 217 ICOs in the last quarter of 2017.
Although investment in ICOs is subject to market risk, investors are often cynical about spending their money in the crypto market. However, if you wish to make them aware of your lucrative business, you can convince them by proving why investing in your business would be a deal of benefit.
For instance, the Ethereum project launched an ICO back in 2014 for developing smart contract applications which used the blockchain technology. It witnessed the value of its digital token Ether to shoot up from $1 to over $480.
Present a white paper to them which gives a clear vision about your business.
Globally, there has been a silent boom in ICO fund-raising, and Europe and North America have emerged as the global players.
While cryptocurrencies are still not considered as a legal tender, many other countries have embraced the plethora of options that they offer.
ICOs were the red-hot trend till last year, its popularity has certainly witnessed a downfall, but the volatility of the cryptomarket is what makes it an enigma which the world is constantly trying to demystify. So, ICOs are still one of the growing alternate which proffer plenty of growth and profit.