Saturday, 13 October 2018

Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain technology or distribution ledger technology revolves around an encoded and distributed database serving as a ledger where all the records of transactions are stored. Blockchain technology uses the core blockchain as an innovative database approach with a data model where digital token is utilized in each transaction update and verification's which has become possible across the specific blockchain network depending on the goal and the stakeholders. Blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology in practice is beyond the virtual currencies how blockchain works, applications, evolution, networks and business reality. 

People often confuse Blockchain technology with distributed ledgers. But one needs to understand that blockchain is a type of Distributed Ledger Technology. 

Blockchain vs Distributed Ledger Technology

A distributed ledger is a database which is spread across several nodes and computing devices. Each and every node saves and replicates an exact same copy of the ledger. Each node of the network updates itself independently. One of the most striking features of the blockchain technology is that the ledger is not maintained by any central authority and the whenever an update is needed, it is independently constructed and done by each node. The nodes vote on these updates for ensuring that the majority of the people agree with the conclusion. This voting agreement on a copy is known as consensus.

Consensus is an automated process which is conducted automatically by a consensus algorithm.  

Thus the distributed ledgers use separate computers for recording, sharing and synchronizing transactions in their respective electronic ledgers. Blockchain organizes data into blocks which are then chained together in an append mode. 
All distributed ledgers do not employ a chain of blocks for providing a secure and valid distributed consensus.  A blockchain is essentially managed by peer-to-peer networks. The data quality of the blockchain can be maintained by database replication and computational trust.

Hence it can be concluded that every blockchain is a distributed ledger but every distributed ledger is not a blockchain.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Why Securitization Important on ICO

The blockchain technology has a myriad of benefits to offer. However, as an investor if you wish your investment to yield ripened results and you don't want to fall prey to treachery, you need to choose your options wisely.
With the world's footsteps gaining significant strides in recent years, people are opting for investment in ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) with an aim to realize its disruptive potential in many ways.  
What is Securitization?
Securitization is the process where an illiquid asset or group of illiquid assets are transformed into a tradable security through financial engineering so that both high liquidity and leverage of the security market can be utilized.
With so many companies jumping into the fray, ICOs have not remained just an alternate mode of raising capital, but it has also become a mode of facilitating fraudulent transactions and illicit activities. To refrain from the potential hazards that might prove to a hurdle for Kunocoin as well, Wiki Investment offers a unique feature of securitization in ICOs that are essential for invigorate people's faith in us.  Kunocoin are security tokens which are subject to government regulations, thus it ensures a safe transaction for the customer.
The use of security tokens to convert this platform in a Real-estate market, delivering tradable assets to all investors, makes it a more secure and viable option for asset securitization. With the ICO being decentralized, this securitization is free from a number of boundations which plague the stock markets in general.
KunoCoin primary goal is to establish the world’s First Real Estate Market using crowdfunding and securitization and we understand that confidence is the key. If investors feel secure, they would in turn put their faith in us which will help us thrive and prosper. Being a two way process, it not only secures the investors, but also ensures a hassle free relationship between the two parties where the process is completely genuine and transparent.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Assessment and Audit in ICOs

Thousands of business ventures have flooded the market and the fast-changing dynamics of the crypto market has made it difficult for the investors to pick the right choice for investing their money in the right initiative.   
So the major question which pops in the mind of an investor is the matter of reliability and the factor of credibility. The terms like accreditation, adherence to standards, user feedback and reviews, financial audits and opinions would come to play here and the investor would thoroughly investigate every aspect before reaching to a conclusion.
When it comes to building trust and partnerships, there are many perspectives one can opt for and assessments from an independent and a dependable third party auditor on the organization can provide a large degree of assurance to its users.
Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) also promise huge benefits to its customers. An unregulated means of fund raising that has gained popularity in the recent past, ICO are similar to the IPOs where  a stake of the new business venture for raising money for the entity.
Why is Auditing and Assessment necessary in blockchain?
A survey conducted in January suggested that there were 1384 alternative coins and the number was constantly growing.  This has also resulted in the diverse utilization of cases and benefits of the technology which has the potential of affecting many individuals and the way of conducting of their business.
Security for ICO and cryptocurrencies is yet to gain the pace at which the ICOs are growing. Several cyberattacks have led to derailment of the investors’ confidence in the cryptocurrencies. There aen’t many regulations etc for now. Companies try to seek unfair advantage from this and they lack security plans and implements. For saving the customers from any sort of unnecessary risk, many organizations offer audit services and assessments particularly on ICOs and the virtual currencies.
By implementing a secured environment, it provides confidence to the customers and investors for conducting business.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Reputation System on Blockchain

Blockchain is an emerging technology which has opened up a plethora of ways for business ventures and has given a whole new definition to investment. It has brought up opportunities which were unimaginable a few decades ago.

Wiki Investment also wishes to utilize the benefits of blockchain technology and offer its clients a service like no other with its Kunocoin. Kunocoin are the Initial Coin Offerings offered by the Wiki Investment which boasts of many key features for the ease of investor, reputation is one of them.
It offers a new solution which leverage blockchain technology for maintaining high quality decentralization. According to social graphs, Wiki Investments mathematically models social network, time and contribution activities for building a decentralized reputation system which offer a chance of transforming the above items into every single users' reputation value.

All of us know digital marketing of any product or organizations is incomplete without having a reputation system in place. KunoCoin has a carefully crafted Reputation system which will make it easier for investors to do business with each other through this platform.

The higher the user’s reputation, the lower would be the transaction cost (or even free of charge), and it will also have more opportunities for being selected as trust nodes to participate in the consensus and yield better benefits.
The reputation system and incentive system effectively promotes the continuous engagement of business developers and users, and it also contributes to the construction of the business ecosystem. Business developers who are responsible for generating traffic are more likely to get high reputation values, and it will better their chances of being elected to a trusted full node.
Several technologies are used by Wiki Investment for maintaining the decentralization of the system. All these innovations make Kunocoin a more reliable and developer friendly platform. Kunocoin is the most feasible blockchain ecosystem which facilitates high-frequency micro-transactions and related applications on blockchain.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Mergers and Acquisition in Cryptocurrency

When cryptocurrencies were introduced to the world in the form of Bitcoin, little did people know that the ‘new kid on the block’ is going to take the world by storm! People embraced the idea of blockchain technology and soon many cryptocurrencies evolved, people wanted to make the best use of the new-era technology where transactions could be facilitated using the virtual currencies.

M&A (Mergers and Acquisition) in general means the consolidation of companies or assets through several types of financial transactions. It can include a number of different transactions like acquisitions, mergers, consolidations, purchases of assets, tender offers, management acquisition and purchase of assets. It involves two companies and Wiki Investment implements matching and joint venture of acquisition or acquirer of M&A.

Wiki Investment also aims of implementing a platform for cross-border Mergers and Acquisition along with matching and joining ventures extensively. Thus, here it is not just limited to a B to B or business alliance but we have got all your bases covered.

Although, M&A is relatively a new term in the crypto sector, this activity has been introduced in this sector as well.

Although Wiki Investment is currently open for the public as a free database, it aims to use the funds for improving and promoting the site and then changing it to a profitable business through advertisement and business matching.  Business matching would also enable to M & A support. Wiki Investment will also enable matching and joint venture of acquisition / acquirer of Merger and Acquisition.  We also aim to add features that will allow each country's Professionals to post articles to Wiki Investment and respond to free questions to users. This is for facilitating matching between companies and Professionals. Users will be able to ask questions from Professionals and Professionals would be able to increase opportunities to acquire new customers through question answers and article contributions, which will benefit both the parties. This is a profit model where the users will pay the subscription fee if they want to see answers to the questions asked by other users. A similar site was introduced in Japan which went public and its market value increased manifolds. The Global M&A transaction amount reflect how M&A will also succeed in the crypto world. (It was 2.7 trillion USD in 2015, 3 trillion USD in 2016 and 3.4 trillion in 2017 (approx).)

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Real Estate Liquidation on Blockchain

Brace yourself for a revolution in the real estate sector

Real Estate is a growing market which promises immense growth. All the capitalists who wish to invest in something productive never shy away from investing in the real estate.  Blockchain technology and its application is another growing trend where investors are willing to bet big money. Wiki Investment is one such platform which merges the both to offer its clients a platform for global investment. Its first aim is to develop the world’s first real estate by securitization and crowdfunding using the virtual currency technology. By applying the blockchain technology, it aims to create world’s first real market for real estate securities.   
The first sign of movement is the growth of the business model which facilitates the transfer of ownership rights through blockchain technology, wherein the new securitizing model depends on the rising prices of real estate itself.  
Wiki Investment, an ever-growing and a realiable blockchain technology platform for real estate wishes to fulfill all the requirements of public. The company plans to create a completely decentralized real estate ecosystem where the people will be able to buy and sell property without much ado.
The revenue model of the company includes the securitization of real estate, commission income of the transaction where 5 percent of it is for crowdfunding fees and 3 percent is for liquidation securities brokerage commission.
No matter how eager you are to sell or buy your property, it can be a complex process which might leave you catching your breath. When a seller wants to liquidate real state of a substantial value, the asset would be placed on the market, advertised and when a buyer is found, it gets sold.
The company thus plans to rescue its customers from the cumbersome process and allow the sellers to tokenize their asset and liquidate that particular asset through a token sale within the platform. The tokens that the seller has collected can be exchanged and the buyer becomes eligible for owning a percentage stake in the property.

The closing costs, broker fee etc. gets eliminated this way. The process is rapid, thus it does not consume much of your time as well.

The Future of Crowdfunding and ICOs

ICOs have completely revolutionalized the investment sector. The blockchain startups registered a tremendous growth in 2016 and the investment landscape witnessed a surge with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).
Crowdfunding is one of the most popular forms of investment today, and the evolving crypto sector applies the ICOs to the crowdfunding.
Blockchain startups have registered huge profit with just a website or whitepaper. Before considering the way to move ahead with a new fund raising opportunity in crowdfunding, let us understand the details of ICOs.
The Future of crowdfunding and ICOs
Taking loans from bank can be a tedious task thus the concept of crowdfunding came into being. Crowdfunding is a method of raising money for the business or idea with efforts from other individuals as well. Kunocoin also aim to realize the potential of crowdfunding by establishing the world’s first Real Estate Market using crowdfunding and securitization. As it uses the applications of the blockchain technology, it is secure and free from any interference or standardization which makes it a safe option for investment that are subjected to regulations.
Kunocoin, the ICOs released by us aim to facilitate cross-border transactions and accelerate the growth of a business by providing tits clients all the required information about the set-up.
Here’s how we aim to utilize the Kunocoin for expanding our business and help you expand yours-
Kunocoin- A token to fuel your vision
We plan to release Kunocoin as tokens that uses the application of blockchain technology in one or more cryptocurrency currency exchanges in Singapore. We plan to release it in 5 installments where we will adjust the price and the amount of cryptocurrency every time it gets issued considering the procurement situation of previous installments. The scheduled minimum procurement fund is 1.5 billion USD and we target 3 billion.  Kunocoin, being security tokens also offer unique safety features wherein we use carefully guarded encryption keys using the highest-grade security standards and a decentralized framework. Kunocoin are a tradable asset and are subject to stringent regulation. These features make Kunocoin a reliable token where an investor can rely upon us and help realize our vision while we help them realize theirs.

Direct investment in Blockchain

The growth in the cryptocurrency industry has triggered a revolution and has changed the paradigm of investment in general. The technology that cryptocurrencies use, i.e., Blockchain technology can be used for several purposes and business ventures are constantly striving hard to progress in this direction.
Direct Investment in virtual currencies is also a rising trend in the crypto sector where investors are backing the idea of direct investment. Direct investment refers to an investment in a foreign business enterprise which is designed for acquiring a controlling interest in this enterprise Direct investment provides capital funding in exchange for an equity interest without the purchase of regular shares of a company’s stock.
Wiki Investment also offer a feature of direct investment where the use of the blockchain technology enables investors from across the world to either set up or invest in a local business, without going through the cumbersome legal processes which dictate investment in the present day.
Experts have also compared the concept of blockchain similar to the concept of internet which was unheard of few years ago but today prospects of life without the internet seem a distant reality. They suggest, although blockchain technology is relatively new, it will become a part and parcel of the life in a few years. The investors who wish to expand their business and their horizons can rely on Wiki Investments as it facilitates direct in cryptocurrency itself and investment in companies creating, implementing and adopting blockchain solutions.
We aim to create a hassle free environment where cross-border investment can be easily facilitated. The mission of Wiki Investment is to collect information concerning global investment such as laws on investment and real estate which is important for vital start-up.
We also aim to provide information to the people all over the world at affordable prices. Moreover, it also wishes to contribute to Global Development by expansion of overseas transactions, promote cross-border investment, Real Estate and M&A investment.