Friday, 11 January 2019

The Blooming Crypto Heaven of Singapore

Unlike its regional neighbors, Singapore has been quite friendly with the crypto currencies. Both the crypto exchange and trading is legal here with no registration requirements. The region’s friendliness towards crypto world has brought many revolutionary crypto projects here. Here we will discuss about the top blockchain and top crypto currency projects in Singapore, so that you can take a clear and better decision while investing on them.


KunoCoin is another blooming crypto platform in Singapore with high appreciation from investors. The KunoCoin platform covers a wide range of services, starting from basic information necessary to sustain overseas business startups and a fruitful investment environment to an advance framework aiding procedure to build a company and required assistance in an organization such as labor laws, company law, tax systems, etc.

TRON (TRX)    
This one is a decentralized content sharing platform based on peer to peer technology and blockchain. TRON offers an open source platform and distributed storage option to content producers thereby eliminating the role of middlemen such as Google Play and Apple Store. It’s also working to heal the internet by offering Data Liberation to users where data is free and uncontrolled thus by enabling an ecosystem of content where users can obtain digital assets by spreading their content.


Litecoin is another open source, top crypto currency to buy in Singapore, founded by ex-Google employee Charlie Lee. It’s renowned for having markedly faster transaction times than Bitcoin. As a non-profit arm, the foundation is headquartered in Singapore and organizes events and community meets around the region regularly.


Attores primarily is aiming to empower large enterprises to leverage blockchain technology to build smart, secure contracts. Founded by David Moskowitz and Gaurang Torvekar in 2015, Attores helps organizations develop, test and roll out smart contracts within their own business process. It offers services through a SaaS model. Attores is one of the first crypto currency in Singapore to offer a true turnkey smart contracts solution designed for medium to large businesses.


This crypto currency company in Singapore simplifies the process of package delivery in this region using blockchain technology. It has partnered with IBM’s Bluemix team to create the blockchain baaed solution that can store data for individual parcels on an fully open registry which allows package deliveries to be verified and recorded on proven distributed ledger. This greatly helps logistic management companies to verify the identities of both receivers and senders more efficiently.
If you are interested to buy crypto currency in Singapore, get in touch with experts today as the market is increasingly growing every day.  KunoCoin could be a great platform to great platform to get ICO for sale in Singapore, especially for new investors. 

You can get more details on KunoCoin by visiting its website.

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