Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The Future of Crowdfunding and ICOs

ICOs have completely revolutionalized the investment sector. The blockchain startups registered a tremendous growth in 2016 and the investment landscape witnessed a surge with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).
Crowdfunding is one of the most popular forms of investment today, and the evolving crypto sector applies the ICOs to the crowdfunding.
Blockchain startups have registered huge profit with just a website or whitepaper. Before considering the way to move ahead with a new fund raising opportunity in crowdfunding, let us understand the details of ICOs.
The Future of crowdfunding and ICOs
Taking loans from bank can be a tedious task thus the concept of crowdfunding came into being. Crowdfunding is a method of raising money for the business or idea with efforts from other individuals as well. Kunocoin also aim to realize the potential of crowdfunding by establishing the world’s first Real Estate Market using crowdfunding and securitization. As it uses the applications of the blockchain technology, it is secure and free from any interference or standardization which makes it a safe option for investment that are subjected to regulations.
Kunocoin, the ICOs released by us aim to facilitate cross-border transactions and accelerate the growth of a business by providing tits clients all the required information about the set-up.
Here’s how we aim to utilize the Kunocoin for expanding our business and help you expand yours-
Kunocoin- A token to fuel your vision
We plan to release Kunocoin as tokens that uses the application of blockchain technology in one or more cryptocurrency currency exchanges in Singapore. We plan to release it in 5 installments where we will adjust the price and the amount of cryptocurrency every time it gets issued considering the procurement situation of previous installments. The scheduled minimum procurement fund is 1.5 billion USD and we target 3 billion.  Kunocoin, being security tokens also offer unique safety features wherein we use carefully guarded encryption keys using the highest-grade security standards and a decentralized framework. Kunocoin are a tradable asset and are subject to stringent regulation. These features make Kunocoin a reliable token where an investor can rely upon us and help realize our vision while we help them realize theirs.

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