Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Direct investment in Blockchain

The growth in the cryptocurrency industry has triggered a revolution and has changed the paradigm of investment in general. The technology that cryptocurrencies use, i.e., Blockchain technology can be used for several purposes and business ventures are constantly striving hard to progress in this direction.
Direct Investment in virtual currencies is also a rising trend in the crypto sector where investors are backing the idea of direct investment. Direct investment refers to an investment in a foreign business enterprise which is designed for acquiring a controlling interest in this enterprise Direct investment provides capital funding in exchange for an equity interest without the purchase of regular shares of a company’s stock.
Wiki Investment also offer a feature of direct investment where the use of the blockchain technology enables investors from across the world to either set up or invest in a local business, without going through the cumbersome legal processes which dictate investment in the present day.
Experts have also compared the concept of blockchain similar to the concept of internet which was unheard of few years ago but today prospects of life without the internet seem a distant reality. They suggest, although blockchain technology is relatively new, it will become a part and parcel of the life in a few years. The investors who wish to expand their business and their horizons can rely on Wiki Investments as it facilitates direct in cryptocurrency itself and investment in companies creating, implementing and adopting blockchain solutions.
We aim to create a hassle free environment where cross-border investment can be easily facilitated. The mission of Wiki Investment is to collect information concerning global investment such as laws on investment and real estate which is important for vital start-up.
We also aim to provide information to the people all over the world at affordable prices. Moreover, it also wishes to contribute to Global Development by expansion of overseas transactions, promote cross-border investment, Real Estate and M&A investment.

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