Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Real Estate Liquidation on Blockchain

Brace yourself for a revolution in the real estate sector

Real Estate is a growing market which promises immense growth. All the capitalists who wish to invest in something productive never shy away from investing in the real estate.  Blockchain technology and its application is another growing trend where investors are willing to bet big money. Wiki Investment is one such platform which merges the both to offer its clients a platform for global investment. Its first aim is to develop the world’s first real estate by securitization and crowdfunding using the virtual currency technology. By applying the blockchain technology, it aims to create world’s first real market for real estate securities.   
The first sign of movement is the growth of the business model which facilitates the transfer of ownership rights through blockchain technology, wherein the new securitizing model depends on the rising prices of real estate itself.  
Wiki Investment, an ever-growing and a realiable blockchain technology platform for real estate wishes to fulfill all the requirements of public. The company plans to create a completely decentralized real estate ecosystem where the people will be able to buy and sell property without much ado.
The revenue model of the company includes the securitization of real estate, commission income of the transaction where 5 percent of it is for crowdfunding fees and 3 percent is for liquidation securities brokerage commission.
No matter how eager you are to sell or buy your property, it can be a complex process which might leave you catching your breath. When a seller wants to liquidate real state of a substantial value, the asset would be placed on the market, advertised and when a buyer is found, it gets sold.
The company thus plans to rescue its customers from the cumbersome process and allow the sellers to tokenize their asset and liquidate that particular asset through a token sale within the platform. The tokens that the seller has collected can be exchanged and the buyer becomes eligible for owning a percentage stake in the property.

The closing costs, broker fee etc. gets eliminated this way. The process is rapid, thus it does not consume much of your time as well.

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