Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Mergers and Acquisition in Cryptocurrency

When cryptocurrencies were introduced to the world in the form of Bitcoin, little did people know that the ‘new kid on the block’ is going to take the world by storm! People embraced the idea of blockchain technology and soon many cryptocurrencies evolved, people wanted to make the best use of the new-era technology where transactions could be facilitated using the virtual currencies.

M&A (Mergers and Acquisition) in general means the consolidation of companies or assets through several types of financial transactions. It can include a number of different transactions like acquisitions, mergers, consolidations, purchases of assets, tender offers, management acquisition and purchase of assets. It involves two companies and Wiki Investment implements matching and joint venture of acquisition or acquirer of M&A.

Wiki Investment also aims of implementing a platform for cross-border Mergers and Acquisition along with matching and joining ventures extensively. Thus, here it is not just limited to a B to B or business alliance but we have got all your bases covered.

Although, M&A is relatively a new term in the crypto sector, this activity has been introduced in this sector as well.

Although Wiki Investment is currently open for the public as a free database, it aims to use the funds for improving and promoting the site and then changing it to a profitable business through advertisement and business matching.  Business matching would also enable to M & A support. Wiki Investment will also enable matching and joint venture of acquisition / acquirer of Merger and Acquisition.  We also aim to add features that will allow each country's Professionals to post articles to Wiki Investment and respond to free questions to users. This is for facilitating matching between companies and Professionals. Users will be able to ask questions from Professionals and Professionals would be able to increase opportunities to acquire new customers through question answers and article contributions, which will benefit both the parties. This is a profit model where the users will pay the subscription fee if they want to see answers to the questions asked by other users. A similar site was introduced in Japan which went public and its market value increased manifolds. The Global M&A transaction amount reflect how M&A will also succeed in the crypto world. (It was 2.7 trillion USD in 2015, 3 trillion USD in 2016 and 3.4 trillion in 2017 (approx).)

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