Thursday, 4 October 2018

Reputation System on Blockchain

Blockchain is an emerging technology which has opened up a plethora of ways for business ventures and has given a whole new definition to investment. It has brought up opportunities which were unimaginable a few decades ago.

Wiki Investment also wishes to utilize the benefits of blockchain technology and offer its clients a service like no other with its Kunocoin. Kunocoin are the Initial Coin Offerings offered by the Wiki Investment which boasts of many key features for the ease of investor, reputation is one of them.
It offers a new solution which leverage blockchain technology for maintaining high quality decentralization. According to social graphs, Wiki Investments mathematically models social network, time and contribution activities for building a decentralized reputation system which offer a chance of transforming the above items into every single users' reputation value.

All of us know digital marketing of any product or organizations is incomplete without having a reputation system in place. KunoCoin has a carefully crafted Reputation system which will make it easier for investors to do business with each other through this platform.

The higher the user’s reputation, the lower would be the transaction cost (or even free of charge), and it will also have more opportunities for being selected as trust nodes to participate in the consensus and yield better benefits.
The reputation system and incentive system effectively promotes the continuous engagement of business developers and users, and it also contributes to the construction of the business ecosystem. Business developers who are responsible for generating traffic are more likely to get high reputation values, and it will better their chances of being elected to a trusted full node.
Several technologies are used by Wiki Investment for maintaining the decentralization of the system. All these innovations make Kunocoin a more reliable and developer friendly platform. Kunocoin is the most feasible blockchain ecosystem which facilitates high-frequency micro-transactions and related applications on blockchain.

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