Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Why Securitization Important on ICO

The blockchain technology has a myriad of benefits to offer. However, as an investor if you wish your investment to yield ripened results and you don't want to fall prey to treachery, you need to choose your options wisely.
With the world's footsteps gaining significant strides in recent years, people are opting for investment in ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) with an aim to realize its disruptive potential in many ways.  
What is Securitization?
Securitization is the process where an illiquid asset or group of illiquid assets are transformed into a tradable security through financial engineering so that both high liquidity and leverage of the security market can be utilized.
With so many companies jumping into the fray, ICOs have not remained just an alternate mode of raising capital, but it has also become a mode of facilitating fraudulent transactions and illicit activities. To refrain from the potential hazards that might prove to a hurdle for Kunocoin as well, Wiki Investment offers a unique feature of securitization in ICOs that are essential for invigorate people's faith in us.  Kunocoin are security tokens which are subject to government regulations, thus it ensures a safe transaction for the customer.
The use of security tokens to convert this platform in a Real-estate market, delivering tradable assets to all investors, makes it a more secure and viable option for asset securitization. With the ICO being decentralized, this securitization is free from a number of boundations which plague the stock markets in general.
KunoCoin primary goal is to establish the world’s First Real Estate Market using crowdfunding and securitization and we understand that confidence is the key. If investors feel secure, they would in turn put their faith in us which will help us thrive and prosper. Being a two way process, it not only secures the investors, but also ensures a hassle free relationship between the two parties where the process is completely genuine and transparent.

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